All you need to know about the features of next Google OS: Android O

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All you need to know about the features of next Google OS: Android O
01 May

All you need to know about the features of next Google OS: Android O

You would be surprised that Google is working on the next Android 8.0 update. The next OS Google will plan to roll out after Android Nougat is Android O (may be “Oreo”). The Android O release date is still unknown but we should get a glimpse of Android O at the Google I/O conference between May 17 and 19 this year. The Beta – Developer preview version has already been launched for Android application development firms.

Android O features:


  • Background limits results to longer battery life:

Google is working keenly on improving the battery life and performance with its launch of every android version. Google will restricts background process limit which includes implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates for any applications.

  • Modified Notification channels:

Android O will offers more control over the customized notification option. User will able to customized or able to block notification for the individual channels.  User can have detailed control over the notification not just by app, but also by channel or topic.

  • Auto-fill APIs:

Android O supports with auto-fill APIs. This app can securely store user’s personal information like address, phone number, credit card number, password etc. This feature seems similar like Google Chrome web browser.

  • Picture-in-picture:

This feature included as a part of Android TV in Nougat version now this PIP feature will also made available with Android O. This feature lets you to run video activity simultaneously by responding to your urgent mail or by replying through any messaging app. The PIP window helps user for multitasking which helps them to be more productive. For more information, Multi-Window Lifecycle.

PIP - split screen


  • Adaptive icons:

In order to make UI more beautiful, Android O will display icons with different shapes and animate interaction with users from screen.

  • Connectivity:

Google and Sony comes together to enhance audio experience.  Android O will support high quality Bluetooth audio codec’s by sharing Sony LDAC codec’s which offers high quality audio call and high resolution wireless music over Bluetooth headset.

  • Keyboard navigation:

System promises for better keyboard navigation with improved “arrow” and “tab” navigation. This would be helpful for the users as well as developer.

  • Enhanced color support

System will supports huge array of colour profiles i.e. Adobe RGB, DCI-P3 and Pro Photo RGB.

  • Wi-Fi Aware

Android O will add support for Wi-Fi Aware i.e based on the Neighbor Awareness Networking (NAN) specification. Android device with Wi-Fi Aware hardware & app and nearby device can discover and connect with each other and communicate without any internet access. For more information on how to integrate Wi-Fi Aware into the app, go through Wi-Fi Aware.

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