6 Reason to choose Magento as one of the best Ecommerce Platform

HOme > 6 Reason to choose Magento as one of the best Ecommerce Platform

6 Reason to choose Magento as one of the best Ecommerce Platform
26 Oct

6 Reason to choose Magento as one of the best Ecommerce Platform

In terms of setting up an e-commerce or online business website, there are various stages one can use. A few provide the tools according to user’s requirement while others have components and function that are predefined. Magento best ecommerce platform programmed by those people who have knowledge of what one requires in an eCommerce website. According to Magento’s evaluation more than $3.5 trillion dollars will be spend online by 2019.

In the event that one needs one’s eCommerce business to be piece of this huge volume of revenue, one requires a stage that can convey the capacities required for achievement. From client experience to straightforwardly dealing with the salary, Magento has the ability to give one the things that one need for driving achievement. The coming is a demonstration of why Magento might be the best alternative for one.


Magento Best Ecommerce Platform:-

Magento best eCommerce platform results concentrates on helping one succeed. The back-end tools, for example: – optimization settings and security protection help the site to be proficient. Accessible third-party joining permits you to associate the site to a variance of external platforms. This can support direct deals or even offer alternative assistance to your clients to convey a more outstanding exposure. Before you settle on what you think you require, consider what Magento can do to help you realize what you require.

1. Site Management

  • Manages multiple website & stores at a place.
  • Administration Panel has capability to provide very precise information that require.
  • There is API of Web Service that helps to integrate magento with third-party application.
  • SOAP v1, SOAP v2, XMLRPC, REST are for support with 3-legged OAuth 2.0
  • Template with Fully 100% customizable design
  • Clients Groups
  • One-Click Updates
  • Content Management System for Landing Pages and informational Pages

2. Advance Search Engine Optimization

  • Fully 100% Search Engine Friendly
  • Site Map for Google
  • URL’s  are Search Engine Friendly
  • Full control on URL’s by URL Rewrites
  • Meta-tags information for products and categories
  • Site Map are Auto-generated for site
  • Popular Search Terms Page is Auto-Generated

3. Easy Checkout, Payment & Shipping

  • Configurable to authorize and charge on creation of invoices
  • Easy to integrated with Amazon Payments and multiple PayPal gateways
  • Easy to integrate with Google Checkout and Authorize.net
  • Saved Credit Card method for offline payments
  • Easily Accept Checks/Money Orders and Accept Purchase Orders
  • SSL security supports for orders on both front-end and back-end

4. Customizable Security protection

  • Provide site safety and also manage  internal access with variety  to customize different stages of security permission
  • Magento provide priority when it comes to Security
  • Magento EE alike appear with Secure Payment Bridge that provides PCI Data Security Standard (PCI PA-DSS).

5. Giant Community

  • More than 2,40,000 organizations use magento for their ecommerce need, alongside 800,000 assessed programmers around the world.
  • Get a solution for each and every technical issue quickly
  • Explore to all extension at no cost
  • Version Up gradation notification

6. Extension

  • Easily integrates with eCommerce store to optimize it
  • Small modules Extension are available at affordable price
  • Offer different versions for each extension
  • Many Extension providers like Magestore, Aheadworks, Amasty

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